Moray Riding Club

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Moray Riding Club – Competition Dates 2021

Click on Title for Schedule / Start Times:

Saturday 17th April               :    Dressage @ Mundole Equestrian

Saturday 15th May                :    Dressage @ Mundole Equestrian                  

Saturday 22nd May               :    Show Jumping @ Ellands, Brodie

Sunday 30th May                  :    Field Event (including Dressage) @ Burgie    Start Times

Saturday 12th June               :    Dressage @ Mundole Equestrian

Sunday 27th June                 :    Hunter Trial & Hunter Pace @ Burgie   Times   Bib Template

Sunday 11th July                  :    Show Jumping @ Ellands, Brodie

Sunday 18th July                  :    Dressage @ Mundole Equestrian   Times

Saturday 31st July                :    Annual Show @ Burgie (In-hand & Ridden)

Sunday 1st August                :    Annual Show @ Burgie (WH, SJ, Style & Fun jumping)

Fri 13th– Sun 15th August       :   MRC Camp @ Auchlishie, Brechin

Sunday 22nd August              :   Jumping Derby @ Burgie

Sunday 5th September           :   Show Jumping @ Ellands, Brodie

Sat/Sun 11/12th September    :   Scottish RC Championships @ Auchlishie

Sunday 12th September         :   Dressage @ Mundole Equestrian

Sunday 26th September         :   One Day Event @ Burgie  - Start Times

Saturday 9th October             :   Dressage @ Mundole Equestrian      

Sunday 17th October             :   Show Jumping @ Mundole Equestrian   - Start Times

Sunday 14th November           :   Dressage @ Mundole Equestrian - Start Times

Sunday 21st November          :  Show Jumping @ Mundole Equestrian

Sunday 5th December            :  Christmas Dressage @ Mundole Equestrian

Sunday 12th December          :   Christmas Fun Show @ Mundole Equestrian

Dressage League dates : 17th April, 15th May, 12th June, 18th July, 12th September, 9th October, 14th November & 5th December

Jumping League dates : 22nd May, 30th May, 11th July, 1st August, 22nd August, 5th September, 17th October & 21st November

Please Note.

All Horses / Ponies Must have a valid, up to date Flu vaccination

On arrival for any training or competition before unloading horses/ponies

please present your passports to be checked.

MRC will not be allowing any horses/ponies to participate without complying with this